the Ultimate Meeting is a computer party dedicated to the realtime computer art scene, also known as 'the demoscene'. It is organized yearly in Karlsruhe-Durlach (Germany) from the 27th to the 29th of December.

Established by the members of the c64 group 'the Ultimate Mayas' in 1999 it was originally ment to be a preparative sceners meeting for 'The Party' held in Denmark. In 2002 however the date was moved to the traditional date of 'The Party', as it became clear that 'The Party' had irrecoverably gone downhill as a serious demoscene event. At this time about 120 people decided to come to tUM rather than take the trip to Denmark.

After some location changes from Mannheim in 2002 over to the huge and a bit uncomfortable hall in Hemsbach for the 2003/2004 editions, we finally settled for the Festhalle in Karlsruhe-Durlach in 2005 as it offered the best mix between space, location and costs.

Right from the beginning a creative and friendly atmosphere, carefully conducted main-competitions and inventive fun-competitions made tUM the ultimate demoscene event to conclude the year.

  • space for up to 250 visitors
  • friendly and cozy atmosphere
  • big screen with high quality beamer and decent audio equipment
  • enough AC for everyone (be sure to bring along your power extension sockets)
  • plenty of competitions on various platforms and of course individual artists compos
  • perfect scene feeling: sceners only - GAMERS/LEECHERS: please stay at home!
  • rudimentary party network. We'll equip every row of tables with one or two uplinks to a backbone. please bring your own switches/hubs/cables as we can't provide/lend these.
  • hotels near the partyplace
  • free coffee and tea (please bring your own cups and mugs)
  • affordable food and drinks at the famous tUM foodsupport
  • the Ultimate Pizzawave (tm)
  • three great days with all your scene friends
  • plus a lot more like stylish party t-shirts, fast- and fun competitions

questions? suggestions? flames? Don't be shy, use the provided contact form.

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