30.12.07 - After party pages online!

The after party pages are online.

Look at the results and browse through the pictures and reports.

If you want to help fill the page - just contact us.

30.12.07 - It's over already

Thank you all for attending the Ultimate Meeting 2007!

We've just arrived at our respective homes and are trying to get some sleep.

Results-file and releases should already be online at scene.org and pouet.net.
We're trying to launch the after-party pages tomorrow, so stay tuned!

26.12.07 - We're heading to the partyplace...

...and won't be reachable by mail until the party starts. If something URGENT happens, please call 0171 7509613.

23.12.07 - Timetable online!

Ye olde timetable is now online. Check it out here!

15.12.07 - Hotels, remote entries, entrance-fee (again)

Hiya folks,

the hotels-page is now online.
Furthermore we are now officially allowing remote entries for individual artists competitions. Read more about it here!

And, to clarify again, boys AND girls are subject to our entrance-fee this year. Since more and more woman are active in the demoscene, we decided to break with our old tradition that they get in for free.

01.12.07 - Entrance fee

The entrance fee for all cowgirls and cowboys is 35,- Euro.
If you are traveling a long distance to visit us - please contact us in advance to register for a discount.

25.11.07 - Sponsor-Page updated!

The sponsor-page has been updated.

Please support them for supporting tUM by visiting their websites! Thank you! 

25.11.07 - Compo-Rules online!

Hiya folks.

The comporules are now online. Not much change since last year - but worth checkin' out nonetheless!

11.11.07 - Bustrip from Cologne

Just like the last years Digitale Kultur e.V. is organizing a bustrip from Cologne to tUM. Find more details on their webpage.

01.11.07 - Website online


More infos about the competitions and so on will follow soon. Stay tuned! 

Welcome to the the Ultimate homepage 2007. tUM will take place from 27.12. - 29.12.2007

questions? suggestions? flames? Don't be shy, use the provided contact form.

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